Being a pioneer Academic Institution in the Colombo District Piliyandala Central College has Produced a large number of disciplined and educated Citizens over the past five decades. Today, the school is  functioning with rapid progress having all the facilities. In this respect several organizations have been formed and there movements are conducting very useful programmes for the benefit of the school.Of these organizations the Buddhist Society has made an utmost contribution to the affairs of the school.

  The Buddhist Society’s pioneer objective is to develop the children with ethics and create a peacefulsociety. In addition to the Buddhist Society, Sinhala Language and History Society is also carrying out  A great service. The society functions as a platform for Children who are aspiring to the leaders in the Society where they live.

    The Environment pioneer  Society is another movement functioning in the school. The environmental factor being an much important in day today affairs  the society is conducting various useful programmes  to save and protect the natural resources for the benefit of all living objects including future generations. Although the society is still young, has obtained number of medals and awards for the performances during the short period  of past 9 years.
   The school health club helps to keep the school Clean and tidy while promoting health programmes to make aware the children. At the same time the society extends it’s support towards other authoritative bodies to keep their programmes successfully. Thereby the health club has been a great strength to the school.
    The Sports Society, has made an excellent contribution to the school by taking part various sports meets The society has send its members to various destinations locally as well as abroad and drawn in fame and reputation by achieving victories over the sports competitions they participated.
The activities of Sinhalese language and literary societies are conducted annually under newly elected office bearers under the guidance of teaching staff. These societies are categories as class level societies, annually literary societies, junior students and senior students societies.The society events are comprised with poetry, songs, speeches, debates and dramas which are presented on timely topics.
   The eminent children who respect merits on their performances will be praised and sent for competitions with neighboring schools. On behalf of the school it is a great pleasure to note that the victorious children are awarded with certificates on school level, zonal level as well as all island level.
  • Computer Society
  • Media unit
  • Astronomical society
  • Science society
  • Aviation Society
  • Buddhist's society
  • Commerce society
  • Art society
  • English unit
  • New inventor's society
  • Senior prefect's guild
  • Junior prefect's guild
  • Boy's cadet platoon
  • Girl's cadet platoon
  • Cadet western band
  • Girl's band
  • Dancing circle
  • Scouting 
  • Health club
  • Web casting union
  • Photography Society
  • Sinhala Literary association
  • Environment poineer society

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