Histroypng    Present day Central College Piliyandala come into existence as a result of the meritorious deed of Ven.Mampe Saranapala Thera,who through of starting a Buddhist School to save the village Buddhist children from discreet baptizing program carried through the Christian education system they received at Mampe Christian School, at that time. 

         In the Year 1887 Ven.Mampe Saranapala Thera started teaching, in the small coconut thatched Room which was used for Bana Preaching in his temple at Mampe. Without Stopping there,Ven.Priest advised Upasaka people arounnd him to start Buddhist schools in the area. As a result of his guidance and advice Mattegoda School,Venivalkola School,Kesbewa Girls School came into existence and were managed by him. At the time went by, the number of children increased. Thatched room was not sufficient to keep the children. He met leaders of the village and explained the necessity of a large building and land. But he received only blank look from the village leaders.

 Ven.Saranapala Thera then managed to obtain a vacant land at piliyandala belonging to Kathonis Bass Unnehe of Moratuwa,on a temporary basis. As a result of this a good era for Piliyandala Village dawned. In 1887 school was built and opened at a auspicious time due to generous contribution of people such as Ayurvedic Doctor H.D.Cornelis,Register Remains Wanigasuriya,B.D.Luwis Vidanaarachchi,Ayurvedic doctor Kesbew senasekara(Kawdana),Velun upasaka and H.D.Kirinoris.


Later he appointed Mr.Jayasekara of olaboduwa as the Teacher and continued the school which was gaining momentum due to the increase of admission of more and more children.Ven.Thera thought of the future of the school and wanted a methodical and systematical management of the school; hence he handed over the school to Colombo theosophical society.

Due to the increase in student population, the Colombo theosophical society with the help of the villagers purchased a land. But they could not maintain the 300 odd student’s population including the buildings. Hence the Society vested the new land and school in the Ceylon Government.

Present day Piliyandala Central College is a leader amongst the Central Colleges and it is the same school donated to the Government at that time, Which was originally started by Ven.Saranapala,in his temple. In 1920 as a result of noble idea of British Government Agent Frazer who governed Western province of piliyandala were Lucky to receive a government mixed school. The Principal was Mr.S.D.Sahabandu.

The building looked like a strong bird of which the middle portion and one wing were named English Mixed school while the other wing was named awabasha Boys school. (At present Divisional Education office is located in this building)The adjoining building housed the girls school (At present junior school owns it)

On a patriotic concept designed by Dr.Christopher William Wijekoon Kannangara’s the Central School system came into operation. These 3 schools which were in existence during the period 1920-1944 were amalgamated and Piliyandala Central College was born on 1944, January 4th.

      At that time school population was 323students.Official opening of Piliyandala Central College School was held on 1944, March 4th. Accordingly in 1943, 03 Central Schools including Matugama Central College came into operation. In 194, 09 more Central Colleges came to be established which went on to a total of 54 central colleges in the whole island. Among these 03 girls Colleges were also there. On 1944 March 4th there was the official opening of the college. Deputy Speaker and panadura MP at that time Mr.Susantha de fonseka was the chief guest. Moratuwa MP,Thomas Amarasooriya,Deputy director of education S L B kapukotuwa and Mampe kesbew village council chairman L D B wanigasooriya gave speeches. The first principal of the Piliyandala Central College was Mr.D.M.Costa. On 24th November 1945 the 1st prize giving and silver jubilee of the college was held.

The chief guest was then education minister C.W.W.kannangara and the hostel was also opened on the same day by him. Western Province Education Officer C.W.Sahabandu also addressed the gathering.Moratuwa MP Thomas Amarasooriya chaird the meeting. The chief Guest Mr.kannangara recited a Poem in Sinhala (Kavi) on the benefits to the children of the area though the Central College concept. “Moon has shone for piliyandala Leave aside laziness and attend school” Was the general meaning of the kavi.

True to its words moon shone for the area indeed.Children who came through this concept served the nation and religion through the various high posts they held in the society. The children who received this light are presently shining brightly like the rays of the sun.Piliyandala Central College is presently blooming like a lotus flower. That is due to the yeoman service rendered to us by late C.W.W.Kannangara who gave us the free education system. On March 24th 1999 the piliyandala Central College was elevated a National School and continues to shine brightly shedding its light to the villages, towns and the entire community including the world outside.

Piliyandala central college’s history is shown in the publication of 1918 called school scenario,published by colombo theosophical society.(colombo parama vingnartha samagama)

Name                                                                                     - Mampe Piyarathanasara Buddhist Mixed School

Registered                                                                              - 1989.07.07

Position                                                                                  - Central

Average Monthly Student                                                    - Boys 192 Girls 146


School Hours                                                                         - 8.30 am. To 2.00 pm

Govt.Examination                                                                 - September

Name & Address of District Manager Ayurvedic                - Dr.H.Don Carolis,Mampe,Kesbawa

Head Master                                                                          - M.D.J.Perera

Province                                                                                 - Western


Korala                                                                                     - Salpiti

Pattuwa                                                                                  - Palle

Village                                                                                    - Mampe

Closest Post Office                                                                 - Kesbewa

Distance from School                                                             - 25 Bamba

Closest Money Order Office                                                  - Kesbewa

Distance from School                                                             - (50 Yards/25 Bamba)

Closest Railway Station                                                         - Lunawa

Distance from School                                                             - 3-1/2 Miles

School inaugurating Date                                                       - 1887